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Recruiting Director // Branding


As recruiting director my responsibilities were to make The Navigators visible on campus and welcoming to other students and incoming freshman.  I oversaw fall kickoff recruiting and coordinated advertising on campus. Fall kickoff was one of the most important times of the year as a club where we would meet at least 100 students a day. 

Branding and recruiting responsibilities were all volunteer based and as a Navigators leader I lead students become a part of a club through my designs. 

banner 34 x 81 inches
nav flyer fall kickoff 2019 4x5-01.png
kickoff flyer 4 x 5 inches
nav flyer fall kickoff 2019 4x5-02.png
nav night poster 2019 24x36.png
poster 24 x 36 inches
bowling bonanza flyer fall 2019 4x5-01.p
promotional flyer 4 x 5 inches